Online resource for Stock Photography information and related links

Online resource for Stock Photography information and related links

Stock Photography

Welcome to a website devoted to individuals wanting to learn about the world of stock photography. Also a place to purchase top notch cameras and camera accessories (you can do this in our store).

If you came to this site, then you most likely have a definite interest in learning about stock photography. First, let’s let you in on what stock photography is. Stock photography is taking existing pictures that can be used (licensed) for either an individual’s or company’s specific purpose. Generally the people that use stock photography tend to be graphic artists, advertisers or publishers who need pictures for marketing or other creative projects.

Individuals and businesses have the option of using a photographer to take pictures of their products, but it is much cheaper to purchase a photograph that is already taken and make edits to it. Stock pictures are generally found on the internet, and can be downloaded or emailed after you purchase them. While there are some pictures that are available at no cost or royalty-free, there may be some minimal cost associated with downloading a licensed image.

Now let’s go into how stock photography originated. When newspapers started to print photographs towards the end of the 1800, they originally hired their own photographers to go out and collect photographs of newsworthy events. Later on newspaper companies switched to free-lance photographers, as it was less expensive to hire a photographer than keep one on staff.

The first stock photography pictures were really secondary pictures from magazine assignments. That means, when many pictures were taken for a magazine, the photographs not used for that magazine were sold and used as stock photos. Later on stock photography became the focus of a picture taking session because photographers would take pictures and present them to different stock houses so they could earn income that way.

With the current economy and situation, the internet is now a way many stock photos get distributed. You no longer need to be a professional photographer to make money by taking pictures of and selling stock photos. This is called microstock photography, where online only industries take pictures and sell them rights-free for minimal amounts of money.

If you are an amateur photographer and you want to start making money, then starting out with a camera and a few original ideas can launch you into the world of stock photography. You can easily approach online stock photography companies and sell your photos on a royalty free basis. The main thing you want to do is to get your name out there as a photographer and expand your knowledge while making a bit of extra cash.

If you are trying to break into the world as a stock photographer, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are taking stock images:

• Ensure you camera is at its highest resolution. People who invest in stock photos like to have good quality pictures they can work with
• Invest in a good photo editor, you can get rid of backgrounds and modify pictures when necessary, they also create interesting looks
• Ensure the noise in your picture is kept to a minimum, if you see a lot of noise in your picture, use your photo editor software to remove it
• Review the light to dark aspect of your pictures, lighting quality is very important in stock photography
• Keep in mind that you are intending to sell this picture, make sure it is of something people would want to buy.

Now that you have a good idea in how to take stock pictures and want to get started, have a look in our store for information on cameras and accessories that will help you get started on your journey into lucrative stock photography.

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